Columbus Makes IT | Kickstarter Video

The Story:

Columbus Makes IT is a creativity and entrepreneur center located in downtown Columbus, Georgia. A friend told me they were looking for someone donate skills/time to help them with a video for a Kickstarter Campaign they were planning to launch in 10 days. During our meeting we discovered that the best time to film interviews with the founders was going to be right NOW so I grabbed the equipment and by 11pm that night we had our first three interviews in the can.

With a goal of $15,000, a video was going to be key in communicating the passion and need for the success of this project. Luckily, the team decided to push back the launch date of the Kickstarter and the video benefited greatly from some extra time to shoot and edit. We even managed to do a last minute promo cut for an event Columbus Makes IT was doing in the middle of all this which managed to gather 350 views on it’s own (view that version here or see it on the Columbus Makes IT homepage) .

Needless to say, their campaign was a success. With 70 different backers pledging over $16,000, they were able to meet their goal and even have a little extra. The video was just one part of this campaign; however, the numbers show that it certainly helped out. During that one month of fundraising, the video received over 1,000 views through the Kickstarter page with 22.27% of viewers watching the entire 7 minute video. This is more than twice the amount of completed videos the average campaign get for videos about half the length.